Jose Mourinho will undoubtedly go down as one of football's best managers, but it is his big personality that may well be remembered the most, whether it be his work as the Premier League's pantomime villain, or as an Instagram influencer at AS Roma.Some may have questioned his tactics in the past, too, accusing the self-proclaimed 'special one' of using the dark arts of football to secure silverware across Europe, taking a more negative approach to the beautiful game.The days of Mourinho sprinting down the Old Trafford touchline are over, however, but he still has the knack for making headlines.His latest act - as if he is trying to balance things out after the early drama of his career - saw AS Roma reduced to 10 men in a pre-season friendly with Partizani.You would assume that this was the referee and his red card's doing. That was anything but the case, though. Instead, it was Mourinho, himself, who reduced his side. The question, then, is why?